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Monday, May 11, 2009

The ascended masters, who are they? gods or angels?

Since the ascension of Jesus the new buzz word in spiritual circles is the word ascended masters. Now who are these ascended masters, that are called gods? Are they higher in spiritual rank than the angels? There are many of these ascended maters known to us today, and a few of the names are: Jesus, Moses, St Germain, Elijah, Enoch, Master Afra, Paul, Mary, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Kuthumi, El Morya, and many others.

So who are these men and women that have been raised to the status of gods by mankind and some are even worshipped today? Another term used to describe these immortal men and women of the Great White Brotherhood are the seed masters for each have a part in planting a seed of spirituality on earth that has flourished into a modern day form of religion or philosophy. It seems it was not the intention of the ascended masters to be worshipped by mankind for they were men and women like you, but rather to simply give mankind a path to the heart of God.

But human nature is such a way that we either praise the messenger, or slam down the message and the messenger. Human nature end up giving all the credit or blame to the messenger rather than acknowledge the source of the message.

The ascended masters were human beings, and for their spiritual advancement were able to escape the cycles of death and re-birth and became immortal souls. We applaud them for their teachings, spiritual guidelines and work while here on earth, but let us not take our eyes off the supreme hierarchy of God and the angels that gave power to these ascended masters to be able to accomplish their work.

Angels and archangels are beings that are second in command to God the father YHVH and the Elohim. Power is granted to the archangels, who then pass it down to the angels, who then service the gods, masters, prophets, and mankind in general. Angels have a higher ranking and power than the ascended masters, the gods, So if we do not worship the angels, why is it that we worship the gods, and the saints without acknowledging God the father in our prayers and praises.

Have we reversed the role of the players on the playing field forgetting who is in charge and who gives power to whom? Perhaps as human beings our basic weakness of becoming attached to our kind plays a part in our religion and our choice of actions and how we worship. I will say we are human, and we pay attention to what we see rather than what we don’t see. For this reason human beings would rather worship a cow, bow to statutes made of stone or wood, than worship the invisible God they do not see.

The Greek emperors wanted to be worshipped as gods. The Roman Caesars wanted to be worshipped as gods. The Egyptian pharaohs wanted to be worshipped as gods. War heroes such as Alexander the Great wanted to be worshipped as a god. The science fiction gods created by the Greeks are still being worshipped today. I guess the word god has a nice ring to it, and it sounds like God, the creator.

When Jesus exorcised the demons out of people, it was the angel Emmanuel that did the work. When Jesus healed the sick, the blind, the crippled, and resurrected the dead, it was the angel Emmanuel that did the work. The gods are human souls just like you, whey they perform miracles they were carried out by the angels. Let us lift up our hearts, hands and mind to God the father YHVH and the Elohim, and give them praises and thanks for what we receive from the angels.

Even for those that worship the seven African gods honor and give praise to the supreme God first whom they call Olodumare before calling on the name of their orishas (gods). Yet Christians do not honor God the father YHVH, the God of Jesus, in their praises and prayers, but rather only honor Jesus and his mother Mary. Here is typical case of honoring the messenger, and ignoring the source. In the name of God the father YHVH, in the name of God the son Emmanuel, and in the name of the messiah Jesus, may blessing be upon you.

Ken Nunoo